Our strawberry season starts in April and finishes early October – depending on the temperature.

It’s important to remove the dead leaves so the plants are able to put their energy towards new growth.

Poly tunnel strawberries.JPG
Dead leaves have been removed from the plants.

After the summer season, the plants are cut down – all leaves removed. So all that remains is… effectively the stump.

This is important, by removing the extra leaves, the strawberry plant is able to retain all energy in the crown (the centre of the plant). Then over winter, the plants are ‘de-leafed’ regularly to prevent too much energy expenditure.

Come February, the plants will be exposed to cold temperatures. This is also a very crucial step in the process. Think of it like this; the cold makes the plant hold onto its energy very tightly. So while we keep feeding the plants with water and fertiliser, the plant is storing it’s energy in the crown. Then as the temperature warms up as we enter the beginning of March, the strawberry plants then come to life. All their stored energy released like fireworks! This welcomes new leaves but most importantly, lots of flowers. The more flowers, the more fruit.

We can’t wait for the season to start again. We will be posting about the little red gems with freckles as soon as there is some activity to report!