“This is the best jam no others near it by far!”

Deb Mitchell, Facebook Reviews

Hello! Boddington’s Berries is a Strawberry Farm in Mevagissey, Cornwall. In order to minimise waste and increase sales, we diversified with conserves and chutneys.

Our products are unique – different from a typical jam you may find on a supermarket shelf. Our conserves are packed with fruit! For example, our Strawberry Conserve contains 80g of strawberries per 100g of conserve and are made with no pectin or additives! If this doesn’t mean much to you, go and have a look at the jam you’ve got in your kitchen.

As Boddington’s is a family run business, we spend all of our time taking orders, making jam and delivering it around the world! (Ok, mainly Cornwall but our jam makes it all the way over to Japan!) This means there is usually very little time to post on social media.

Two years ago Boddington’s Berries teamed up with Harper Adams University, an agricultural university in Shropshire, to take on a yearly placement student. Part of the placement students role is to run social media. I personally love to bake, so I figured writing a blog for Boddington’s would be a great way to increase brand awareness!

So, thank you for reading, we hope you enjoy our recipes.

Aimee x


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